October 24, 2017 First Artist Meet and Greet Notes

Introducing each artist; kind of just chatted around about what everyone does and what they’re interested in.

Description of our gallery:

A very small space where we originally wanted to just have an interactive gallery; interactive where we can bring multiple artists together with different disciplines and turn the space into a work of art itself. Now we are kind of just open to whatever and whoever wants to show, we can have multiple events.

There really isn’t any foot traffic in Etna so we can only really be an event space until we get a good following. That said, if an artist were to show their work and have it up for a few weeks, that artist can always go to the gallery and open it to the public. We all have fulltime jobs so it is kind of tough to have it open M-S during the day. So right now, events only.

Everything that is coming out of the gallery is coming out of our pockets. We are in the midst of becoming an official non- profit space and any money that we do make from commission/donation will directly go into the gallery.

The gallery itself:

We just painted the exterior of the building but there is still work to be done. We are looking to put up drywall on the right side as well as the back wall for future art exhibitions. We are also putting in a bathroom for events in the back. Eventually, we will coat the cement floor so it has some sort of finish to it. We are looking to hang a donation box at the front of the space also creating stickers with our info to place on the front door.

Having a curtain hung in the front window to display one piece of artwork for the next show.

The next event:

We will be open for Etna’s Light the Night November 24. We are looking on collaborating with other artists; we are thinking Pittsburgh themed as well as having small objects to sell to the public, possibly as Christmas presents.

.5 Collective:

We have formed a collective of artists that dedicate time/ work to the space where we work on commissioned pieces, freelance gigs, and artwork that will be displayed in the gallery. Right now it is: Chelsea (director of .5), Jimmy (director of .5), Brandon (.5 photographer). This is something that anyone can be a part of.

Toys for Tots:

We will be hosting another artish show and skate jam at Scumbags Skatepark in Natrona Heights on December 9. It was so successful last year; we are planning on making it even bigger. We will have 5 bands; there will be a best trick competition with $250 grand prize; and Christmas photos taken by Billy Brown. Looking for artists to participate. Participation: artists can design a skateboard(s) and display their own work. Cost is a donated packaged present or $10. Also gets you into the event for free. Submissions are due no later than December 8.