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Pushin’ For A Purpose is a 501 (c)(3) organization that is operated by skateboarders who are dedicated to giving every child the gift of skateboarding.  They supply all children interested in joining the skateboarding community, with new/used skateboards as well as basic instruction.

For more information about Pushin’ For A Purpose, please follow this link to their website

This December, we have partnered up with our neighbors, Ketchup City Creative of Sharpsburg, and Panza Gallery of Millvale to bridge the 3 communities on the same weekend and what better way to do it than with art and music! Each gallery has selected a charity to raise money for during the weekend of November 30, December 1 & 2, 2018. Charities include North Hills Community Outreach, Backpack for Hunger-Fox Chapel, and of course, our buddies, Pushin’ For A Purpose!

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6:00 PM18:00

Black N' Mild Child with Yancey the Moor


Why not have a hip hop show in a small space??

Join us for a night of good flows coming from local MCs, Black N’ Mild Child & Yancey The Moor. These guys will be performing in Brian Gonnella’s newest installation, That Episode of Futurama Where The Professor Creates The Universe In A Box!

Check out some sick artwork and listen to awesome jams while you sip on some spiked Turner’s Tea provided by Bar 1311!

Gallery Hours: 6-10pm

Yancey the Moor- 7pm

Black N’ Mild Child-9:30pm

Black N’ Mild Child


a name that speaks for itself. A local artist respectfully keeping old-school hip hop alive. Influenced by artists like Nas, MF Doom, A Tribe Called Quest, OutKast and Wu-Tang Clan, he was fascinated by intricate word play and delivery at a young age. He started recording in 2011 from his freshman dorm room which quickly grew to a few performances at The Rex Theater. Three years later, now in Annapolis, he formed the group DVLSA with a producer from Texas and rappers from Maryland. With DVLSA he was able to mold his craft and develop a more confident style and flow. Eventually settling back home in Pittsburgh in 2018 ready to bring conviction along with his music!

Yancey the Moor



is a 22 year old mc from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He's been writing poetry since his sophomore year in high school and seriously recording music since his senior year. Now he has plans on being heard not only locally but globally. He brings a 90's style lo-fi melodic hip hop vibe outside of the social norm. His influences include 2pac, Biggie, Ice Cube, Nas, Jay-z, Wu-tang and Mobb Deep. 

Brian Gonnella: website

Bar 1311: facebook

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Industry Night!
6:00 PM18:00

Industry Night!

Industry Night(1).jpg

Food/Beverage Industry people, we are inviting YOU!

It sucks when every art event is held over the weekend. It's nearly impossible to get that Saturday shift covered.
So we decided to throw an art event catering to you!

Come check out Brian Gonnella's newly immersive installation while you sip on a cocktail and eat some snacks!

There will be a cocktail table, garbage bag popcorn, sandwiches, and soup! (until we run out)

The event is Free however, donations are always accepted!

**"That Episode of
Where The Professor
Creates the Universe
In a Box."

is the latest exhibit by Pittsburgh based artist Brian Gonnella, exploring the crisis of aesthetics and culture created by Late Capitalism's constant appeal to Nostalgia. The installation title is a nonsensical allusion to pop culture, void of any real contextual relation to the substance of piece itself--a condition more and more prevalent in contemporary art scenes. Utilizing a multi-media polyptych, Gonnella seeks to convey the end result of artistic history as "closed loops" found within our society manifested by our refusal to abandon a figurative, often erroneously idealized, view of the Past."

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Sarah Jeffers & Taylor Mitchell: These Walls of Mine
to Sep 1

Sarah Jeffers & Taylor Mitchell: These Walls of Mine



A photography display and dance performance


This is an event that focuses on human experience: specifically our internal landscapes and isolation. A collaboration between choreographer and photographer revealing two bodies of work infused with these ideas. By challenging themselves and exposing their vulnerability to the public, these artists will provide a safe space to question:  “How can I be a better human to myself, and to others?”


Artist Bios:

Sarah is a creator and performer with a focus on site-specific, modern dance. She utilizes performance to challenge audiences while considering their guest experience. By exposing her personal vulnerability and internal landscapes, she provides permission for audiences to approach their own. Through collaboration with other mediums she is able to curate safe spaces that elevate this experience and the work of the artists involved. Her intent is to build more social space for the radically soft parts of us.


Taylor is a Pittsburgh native and audacious street photographer who focuses on landscape and portraiture. She values the unnoticed and forgotten elements of everyday life in local communities and cultures. Her artistic goal is to challenge the public to open their gaze and to illuminate injustices. This project touches on personal struggles and allows her to positively promote internal landscapes that strongly affect our external experiences. With this piece, she hopes to humanize the feelings of isolation and overcoming loneliness in a communal setting promoting togetherness

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2:00 PM14:00


This is a free all-day event that will be filled with family-friendly activities during the day and continuing the fun into the nighttime. We will have live music, food, and punch! (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

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