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Industry Night!

Industry Night(1).jpg

Food/Beverage Industry people, we are inviting YOU!

It sucks when every art event is held over the weekend. It's nearly impossible to get that Saturday shift covered.
So we decided to throw an art event catering to you!

Come check out Brian Gonnella's newly immersive installation while you sip on a cocktail and eat some snacks!

There will be a cocktail table, garbage bag popcorn, sandwiches, and soup! (until we run out)

The event is Free however, donations are always accepted!

**"That Episode of
Where The Professor
Creates the Universe
In a Box."

is the latest exhibit by Pittsburgh based artist Brian Gonnella, exploring the crisis of aesthetics and culture created by Late Capitalism's constant appeal to Nostalgia. The installation title is a nonsensical allusion to pop culture, void of any real contextual relation to the substance of piece itself--a condition more and more prevalent in contemporary art scenes. Utilizing a multi-media polyptych, Gonnella seeks to convey the end result of artistic history as "closed loops" found within our society manifested by our refusal to abandon a figurative, often erroneously idealized, view of the Past."