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Pushin’ For A Purpose is a 501 (c)(3) organization that is operated by skateboarders who are dedicated to giving every child the gift of skateboarding.  They supply all children interested in joining the skateboarding community, with new/used skateboards as well as basic instruction.

For more information about Pushin’ For A Purpose, please follow this link to their website

This December, we have partnered up with our neighbors, Ketchup City Creative of Sharpsburg, and Panza Gallery of Millvale to bridge the 3 communities on the same weekend and what better way to do it than with art and music! Each gallery has selected a charity to raise money for during the weekend of November 30, December 1 & 2, 2018. Charities include North Hills Community Outreach, Backpack for Hunger-Fox Chapel, and of course, our buddies, Pushin’ For A Purpose!

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to Nov 17


Opening Reception: SEPT 22 7PM-10PM

"That Episode of

Futurama Where The Professor

Creates the Universe

In a Box.

is the latest exhibit by Pittsburgh based artist Brian Gonnella, exploring the crisis of aesthetics and culture created by Late Capitalism's constant appeal to Nostalgia. The installation title is a nonsensical allusion to pop culture, void of any real contextual relation to the substance of piece itself--a condition more and more prevalent in contemporary art scenes. Utilizing a multi-media polyptych, Gonnella seeks to convey the end result of artistic history in these "closed loops"  found within our society manifested by our refusal to abandon a figurative, often erroneously idealized, view of the Past."

Brian Gonnella is a conceptual artist & illustrator from Pittsburgh PA. He earned a BA in English writing and film studies at the University of Pittsburgh but has been working professionally as an artist for almost a decade, and has exhibited work nationally at gallery and museum level.

Inspired by cartoons, punk and graffiti, he has developed an animation/painting technique using spray paint and acrylic paint pens as a primary medium, coupled with a tedious stenciling & layering process that could be described technically as something between stencil graffiti, comic illustration and Japanese ukiyo-e paintings. The result is a body of work of superflat sci-fi “floating world” style landscapes; set within a self-contained, linearly-progressing fictional future-world inspired by his own personal views on politics, culture, sociology, mythology and various futurist theories regarding the direction of human society.

or "a utopic vision of humanity's possible future, while keeping in mind that we have already destroyed the planet."








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Ryan Marino, Jerome Chu Charles, & Max Gems Gonzales : Hats Off!
to Jun 30

Ryan Marino, Jerome Chu Charles, & Max Gems Gonzales : Hats Off!

Ryan Marino is a newly emerging artist in the Pittsburgh area, although he has been privately creating for over a decade. Ryan enjoys painting on a variety of mediums; however, his favorite is re-purposing abandoned or broken items and transforming them into a colorful aesthetic. He is best known for his signature quirky faces; his style formed by a menagerie of influences.

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to May 26



The last few years of life have been a big fat turd, for me personally, as they have for many of us. Whether it's on a national level, an international level, or right at home, our day to day lives have grown bitter and divisive. The social and political routines we set for ourselves have been upended and now facts are being questioned, truths are being undermined, and our trust for one another has reached new lows. My work had suffered because of some of these events, and even more so because my personal life had been thrown into a year long turmoil. Output had been scattered and ambling, with no real purpose or voice. At my lowest and bleakest moment some new friends reached out and offered a hand to lift me up. They believed they could help me. They believe they can help everyone to overcome these existential and tangible threats to our daily norms. "Who were they?" you ask. Well, they call themselves the Children's Liberation Army, and they mean business.

The CLA is comprised of these take-no-guff, hardscrabble, and altruistic children and their striking animal sidekicks. Trolling every countryside, city, and community they search for those in need of a helping hand, or in many cases a helping paw. This steadfast group provide assistance whether it be in the form of support or defense. They take matters into their own hands, finding the courage to take action when many of us cannot. Propping up humanity and empathy, when others' hands have grown too tired to lift. Standing for justice and equality, when others' legs can no longer support them. These kids hail from all over the globe and bring with them the ferocity, the speed, and the grace of their animal compatriots. The bond formed with their sidekick animal friends is the glue that keeps their effort buoyed, and their reason for standing up against the negative forces in the first place.

Luckily, some of these amazing children decided to take me in and have helped me to move forward, however unsteadily, through these last couple years. The Children's Liberation Army has welcomed me into their inner circle and allowed me to document, through my work, their struggle to remain in the light and to fight back the evils that everyday life has wrought upon the people of our world. My portraits of these incredible youngsters attempt to convey a sense of their urgency and their message which is one of inclusivity, equiminity, and above all else, love. They've helped me and I believe they can help you, too.


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Bob Freyer: Thoughts of Yesterday
to Apr 21

Bob Freyer: Thoughts of Yesterday

Pittsburgh artist Bob Freyer paints images that seem to be from an alternate world – a world where people walk around in gas masks to preserve the memories that they once knew, a world where the youth gets to act their age and doesn’t spend all their time in front of technology. The bold images of people in masks shows that there is a darker lining in his mind that takes him back to his childhood as he adds the masks to childhood figures. When he takes the mask off you will immediately see the deep connection to the hip hop culture and thoughts of his childhood.

Working in multiple mediums and in a style that is considered “urban” contemporary , there’s a welcoming feeling that you get from his work. From reminiscing about Dr. Seuss books, to Snoopy, to Disney, and then to the Beastie Boys, a memory can be triggered from your past. With influences from visual artists like Warhol, Basquiat, Jeremy Fish, David Choe, and Alex Pardee, he has been referred to as an urban artist to a pop artist.

Mr. Freyer who is also known as Durty, has been displaying his work throughout the city, and since he has had his work in the hands of Jeremy Fish, KRS One, Rakim, Atmosphere, Paradise Gray, Murs, Brother Ali, and other Hip Hop stars. Between everyday life and music his inspiration seems to never end. He challenges himself by adding different mediums to his work, and trying new things. He isn’t an artist that paints for the people, he paints for himself. He uses art as an escape.

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Bernie Wilke
4:00 PM16:00

Bernie Wilke

Bernie Wilke has established himself as a visual artist who is committed to
working in community settings. After completing his B.A. in Visual Arts from Antioch
College, Bernie received his M.F.A. in Studio Art from Indiana University of
Pennsylvania in 2001. Since then, Bernie has completed over 75 community mural
projects in schools, downtown streets, community centers, nursing homes, and churches.
He has also taught Painting, Drawing, 2-D Design, and Art History at many institutions
including colleges, art centers, schools, prisons, and youth homes. Part of his vision is to
continue to utilize the power of art to build community and cultivate personal and social
An active teacher, Bernie teaches painting, 2D design and art history at
Westmoreland County Community College, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and at
schools, youth homes and prisons in the Pittsburgh area.
Bernie also pursues his individual studio work -- a body of paintings and mixed
media works (called Innerscapes) that show a spiritual presence inside the physical body
in pain. His work has been featured in many juried exhibitions since 1994.

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Kevin Mack: Buttermilk Carousel
to Feb 17

Kevin Mack: Buttermilk Carousel

Buttermilk Carousel is a show about circumventing expectations and celebrating risk. Primarily through color and form, he creates labyrinths for the viewer to experience as they see fit. One can dive in and lose themselves, or simply enjoy the surface hues. With an education in sculpture and a love for painting, Kevin interchanges fabric and thick paint to create illusive portals and self-reflective mirrors. The freedom to make what one wants, rather than what one feels they should, is an important duty of artists that is easily lost if not exercised regularly.

Kevin Mack is a painter from the Philadelphia area with a BFA from Tyler School of Art in 2013; currently living and working out of Pittsburgh. Along with studio painting, he also works with murals, photography, and fashion design.

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