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Ryan Marino, Jerome Chu Charles, & Max Gems Gonzales : Hats Off!

Opening Reception: June 2 6pm-10pm

Closing Reception: June 23 6pm-10pm

Ryan Marino is a newly emerging artist in the Pittsburgh area, although he has been privately creating for over a decade. Ryan enjoys painting on a variety of mediums; however, his favorite is re-purposing abandoned or broken items and transforming them into a colorful aesthetic. He is best known for his signature quirky faces; his style formed by a menagerie of influences

Jerome "Chu" Charles spent most of his life being a relatively good boy- until he wasn't. Now it's up to him to save himself and possibly the world, one painting at a time!nces.

"I did some "bad" stuff and the City of Pittsburgh didn't like that. I got sent to jail and went to court. Now I'm broke and still have the whole city's attention, so I'll make some "good" art." - Max "Gems" Gonzales